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Microsoft 365

Help your team flourish in a hybrid work world. Get the guide

Microsoft 365

Bring out your best in school, work, and life

Find the right plan for you

Microsoft 365 is a suite of apps that help you stay connected and get things done

  • Create impressive documents and improve your writing with built-in intelligent features.

    A Word document named Perennials Plant Sciences with diagrams of plants.
  • Simplify complex data and create easy-to-read spreadsheets.

    An Excel spreadsheet of a budget from January 2021 with tables and graphs.
  • Easily create polished presentations that stand out.

    A PowerPoint presentation titled Travel Inspiration with travel-related photography throughout.
  • Bring everyone together in one place to meet, chat, call, and collaborate.

    A video call on Teams between nine people.
  • Manage your email, calendar, tasks, and contacts together in one place.

    A calendar view in Outlook showing meetings and appointments for the week of March 29.
  • Save, access, edit, and share files and photos wherever you are.

    Brightly colored photography saved in OneDrive.
  • With several additional Microsoft apps and services, Microsoft 365 gives you what you need to get things done.

    A person sitting in front of a window using a pen and tablet to work on a document in Word.

Find a plan

Whether you want to connect with family and friends, learn remotely, or collaborate with your team, there’s a Microsoft 365 plan to meet your needs.

Stay on top of your day with a plan for you and your family.

Enable your employees with tools to collaborate securely and work from anywhere.

Enable educators to unlock creativity and promote teamwork in a single, affordable solution built for education.

Powerful tools help you work, learn, organize, connect, and create

Connect from anywhere

Whether you're connecting with family and friends or collaborating with your team,?Microsoft Teams?lets you meet, chat, call, and collaborate in just one place, keeping you organized and simplifying your day.
A view of many of the different Microsoft 365 apps including Word, Powerpoint, Excel and more.

Collaborate and create in real time

Bring ideas to life with teammates, classmates, or family members across all your devices with powerful apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Easily share and access files wherever you are with secured OneDrive cloud storage.

Protect what’s important

Stay secured and productive on any device. With comprehensive, intelligent, enterprise-grade security features built in, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your personal information, devices, apps, and data are protected.

See how organizations big and small are digitally transforming with Microsoft 365

Two people wearing Clinton Coffee Roasters shirts drinking coffee.

Clifton Coffee Roasters

“We’re now in 100 new coffee shops around the United Kingdom because of our pivot to Teams for?communication.”

– Josh Clarke, Director of Coffee

The inside of a Siemens building.

Seimens Taking a Zero Trust strategy

“…now we have an overview of our environment that helps us to react in real time and defend against attacks proactively.”

– Thomas Mueller-Lynch: Service Owner Lead for Digital Identity

A person using a mobile phone standing in front of a large wall of windows.

Toyota Motor Europe Building a happier workplace

“Teams is helping us so much with having a smooth collaboration with external stakeholders, as well as internally for employees.”

– Tine Slabbinck: Manager of Business Productivity

A building at the Ursuline Academy of Dallas.

Supporting remote learning?

“Switching to Microsoft 365 was one of the best decisions we made.”

– Anne Robertson, Director of Technology?

The Zurich Insurance building with a city skyline in the background.

Modernizing customer service?

“Providing employees with Microsoft 365 tools contributed to a +38 increase in employee satisfaction.”

– Jens Becker, Chief Information Officer?

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